The makings of a 12 year old.

My 12 year old using the sewing machine for the 1st time.

Bit of a different post this week. Since my 12 year old son, Jordon, watched me make his colour me fabric pouch (you can find the post on that here) he has been on at me to let him make something. This week I decided to actually let him. We didn’t do any practicing, mainly as we didn’t really have time, so before this project he had never touched a sewing machine. I had bribed asked my boyfriend to take the 3 little monsters into our tiny front room for an hour or 2 so no little hands could grab at anything and everything! As soon as the safety gate was closed we were off!

I found a lovely little pouch I knew he would be excited to make, he love’s all things “pouchy” you can find the tutorial here. Might even have to make a few myself, it is so quick and another perfect stocking filler!

Jordon also enjoys watching me write my blog and asked if he could post about his making of the pouch. So here it is, the only things I have changed are a few spelling mistakes, enjoy!

My Pouch Wazzamajiggy!

Just to get it out there I am not a mathematician, therefore measuring was not fun. 4×8 inches this, 5×5.5 inches that, what happened to centimetres and millimetres? I am 12, I do not use imperial measurements!

I love to cut but sewing scissors are stiff and I for one am not Mr Muscle! Jagged edges and rips in the fabric had to be fixed by the giraffe. I had to cut the pockets first then sew them in half.


My mum had to show me where to start then I took over. It’s like riding a bike thinking, I’m going to die!!!! The thing I was really confused about though was how to keep it straight! It refused to move (Tug the bottom beginners!) I then needed to sew the other pocket, I have no idea what this one was called but hey ho, this was a complete disaster. From the start it went so wonky I had to pick the thread out and try again (I’m not exaggerating!).


Mum  cut the main piece into a triangular shape instead of a circle, “easier to sew” her words of wisdom. Flipping impossible! OK, so, I turned it from inside out to right way out and preformed a top stitch. Mum explained to slowly moved the fabric lining it up with one of the notches on the foot of the machine – by the needle. Confusing, but it worked, just.


12 year olds 1st sewing make.




Since making his pouch he hasn’t stopped asking when he can sew again. He’s very proud of his work and shows anyone willing to listen to him 🙂



  1. Angie says:

    First, he’s adorable! Second, he did an incredibly wonderful job!! I can’t remember when I first used a sewing machine but I’m pretty sure whatever I made didn’t turn out half as nice. Well done, Jordon! Third, you’re funny, Jordon. It was fun reading your write-up.

    • Giraffes Can Sew says:

      Aw that’s lovely of you to say, he was so proud. Have to say I was impressed too, typically he has lost the pouch already. Will have to have have him “guest blog” again some time 😀

  2. Dini @ The Flavor Bender says:

    He is so talented! I hate sewing at his age and regret not taking sewing classes in school more seriously! Now I really wish I knew how to sew too!
    That is one snazzy pouch – my first sewing project was a complete and utter disaster!! 😀

    • Giraffes Can Sew says:

      Haha, I never even had sewing lessons that I recall, wish I had bugged my nan to teach me, she used to sew me dresses all the time. My 1st project was a cushion cover… that didn’t fit 😀

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