Headband mania!



My Mum and 2 sisters are make up fiends, me? not so much, not that I don’t need it (I really really do) I’m just too lazy. The last time I wore make up was on a rare evening out 🙂 Anyway, I digress. My mum wanted a new headband for when she’s applying her slap. Lovely, helpful daughter that I am (totally not just a reason to sew…) I decided to make her one and it was so quick and easy, one for my sisters too.

I used some knit fabric from my stash, it was too thin for me to use for much else (one of my first knit buys and I was pretty clueless, I just liked the hearts – say no more). I was just going to wing it, I mean, it’s a headband, even I could manage that (just about), but then decided to have a “quick” look on Pinterest and came across this tutorial by Kraftie Katie. A little twist on a plain headband and just as easy, what’s not to love?!

And hey presto, 3 of them in (just) less than an hour (I’m slow, don’t judge me). I had to use freezer paper underneath my fabric when sewing them, it was just too thin. Not sure if that was the best thing to use (thinking of my needle) but it worked and was all I had.


Ta Da!


Modeled by me, I know I know, I should be a head model!

Hope you like them! If only everything was as simple to make, I’d waste a lot less fabric and have a lot more to show you!

I brought my headbands along to Fiesta Friday! Co-hosts this week are Loretta @ Safari Of The Mind and Caroline @ Caroline’s Cooking. Happy FF all 🙂



  1. Loretta says:

    Welcome to Fiesta Friday and thanks so much for showing us your latest creation. How very clever of you, it’s a great idea to even wear those when you’re giving yourself a face treatment, washing your face or even as a fancy headband. You’re inspiring me to bring out my sewing machine and put my knitting aside :). Great job!

    • Giraffes Can Sew says:

      Thsee headbands are perfect for a new sew’er, the headbands hide all sorts of mistakes (don’t ask me how I know this….). I’ve never been good with make up I swear it makes me look worse not better!

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