Sew you’re a beginner?



Today I thought I would do a round up of a few links that have helped me since I started sewing. They’re fab for total beginners and will help save you searching all over, nice and handy all in one place.


Stitches and straight lines. I still struggle with straight lines and seam allowances but the basics to it are quite simple. Make it & love it has a lovely guide on more than just straight lines.

TWO. Tension. Seems scary, when really 99% of the time it’s pretty simple. Wildflowers + Whimsy has a great breakdown on how to check your tension and reasons why it might be off.

THREE. Sewing machine feet! There are so many. It’s hard to know what they all do. Sew Can She helps with some of the common ones, her quick look guide is a perfect go to. Her whole site is awesome with lots of free patterns and tutorials.

Sew Can She

FOUR. Pins! Who knew pins we’re so important? Thankfully Seasoned Homemaker  did.

FIVE. Jargon. A great list of what everything means. This sewing dictionary  from So Sew Easy covers everything you’ll need to know as a beginner. Another great site with lots of advice, free patterns and tutorials.

 SIX. Cutting fabric straight. This is harder than you would think. Again some great tips from Make it & Love it. I love this blog definitely take some time to check out her site.

Finally I thought it would be nice to share a few projects that are perfect for beginners. I may have self promoted with my 1st link (blush).

1. Bandana dribble bib. Perfect for beginners, 3 straight lines what could be simpler?, I love making these.

2.  Envelope pillow cover. Very cliché as a 1st project, but it’s a cliché for a reason. They’re very simple with easy to follow tutorials. My 1st make was a pillow case (it didn’t fit but it looked good!)I wish I had of had this tutorial to follow.

3. A pin cushion, we all need one so why not make your own. Domesticblissnz has a great tutorial for a simple (then a not so simple) pin cushion.

That about sums it up really, 6 helpful links to some of the common questions for a new sewer (sewist?). I have many more helpful links and sewing tutorials on my pinterest. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it helps a little 🙂

3 links to some projects for the absolute beginner.

6 beginner sewing tutorial links all in one place.

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