Quilted Coaster Tutorial, perfect for beginners.

Quick and easy quilted coaster.

It feels like I’ve not been about for ages. I’ve had the dreaded lurgy this week. I’m back to almost feeling human again though so hoorah!

For Christmas this year I’m hoping to make my Nan a photo memory quilt, I’m really quite excited about it, I’ve not made a quilt before though.
This brings me to my tutorial. I decided to make a simple coaster with batting and quilted it (I think?).
It turned out really well I thought, considering I don’t have a stitch in the ditch foot yet. Only down side to this tutorial is you can see how bad I really am at straight lines.

You’ll need:
Batting, I used 2oz.
Fabric, not much is needed, another great scrap buster!
Sewing machine.
Fabric scissors.

My fabric choice is a bit random but I’ve had it forever and just have no clue what to make out of it, unfortunately it would be a bit inappropriate for a bib lol.
Any way ….

1st cut out 2 squares/rectangles/any shape of your choice and 1 layer of batting to the same size.
I used an old coaster we had as a template adding a seam allowance. If you don’t have a coaster to hand, mine measured  about 12cm x 11cm +1cm seam allowance. It fits a giant mug so is a nice size.


I left about a cm for seam allowance.

Lay your fabric pieces right sides together and place your batting on top. Pin into place, I found the batting moves a lot so clips and pins are your friend!


1st piece right side up, 2nd piece right side down, batting on top.

Sew all the way round, making sure to back stitch at the beginning and end, leaving a gap of a couple of inches to turn it right way out. I recommend starting in the middle of one of the edges, not on a corner, much easier when pressing the edges in to top stitch. Cut close to all seams and snip corners close to the thread to reduce bulk.


Cut close to the seams to avoid bulk.

Turn right side out, press the opening with edges in and top stitch, starting at the beginning of your opening. I was a bit naughty when making this coaster and didn’t press anything, the twins were up! It’s bad enough trying to sew with them trying to grab everything, I wasn’t risking the iron lol.


Right side out!


I wasn’t able to iron, pressing your folds down will make it much easier.


Top stitched.

Now to quilt! You can do free motion, a simple X anything you like really. I decided to do squares, well more like rectangles! I don’t have a stitch in the ditch foot, so instead I just made sure I measured up my presser foot with the previous seam.


Where the arrow is there’s a little notch on my presser foot. I lined my previous seam up with this notch.


Keep doing this until you are happy with the look and Ta Da! You’re done. It’s that easy. I had great fun making it, took me about 15 minutess in all.

Quick and easy Quilted Coaster

Ta Da!

Shame we don’t really use coasters (we’re heathens I know), perfect stash buster and enjoyable to make. What is your favourite stash busting project? Anyone else out there not use coasters? I seem to be the only one I know who doesn’t! – Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this….

Quick and easy quilted coaster.

We have my sons operation this week (if it doesn’t get cancelled again! ) he also has a couple of other appointments in the week. So I may not see you for a week or two.
Have fun and whatever you’re up to I hope the sun shines x

Quilted Coaster Tutorial


  1. Catherine says:

    Have you got a blind hem presser foot? My machine came with one, and a lot of tutes I’ve read recommend using that as an edging foot or guiding foot to stitch in the ditch, just move your needle to where you want it to be in relation to the guide 🙂

    • Giraffes Can Sew says:

      Oh I would have never have thought to use that foot, looking at it though it would totally work, typically I bought an edging foot after making the coaster lol.
      Thank you!

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