Please enter your pin. Quick and easy pin cushion.

Please enter your pin pin cushion.

So after a busy week and my little man having his op, I wanted a quick and fun project to relieve some of the stress. Luckily for me I had just the thing, thank you pinterest!
I had seen¬†this¬†post a while back, I loved the humour and have had it in my “to do” list for a while. Although my way was a little different.

Before cutting my fabric, I ironed on my numbers and hand stitched (how I wished I had embroidery on my machine) the phrase. I marked where I wanted to sew with pencil 1st.



I then cut around in a square, including seam allowances. You could always use fabric pens or embroider it all, totally up to you, anything goes as they say.
My sizing was quite large, my pieces were about 7.5″ x 9″ and I used 1/2 inch seam allowance.



After cutting my 2 pieces out I faced them right sides together and sewed all around the edge leaving a 3 inch gap to turn right side out and put the stuffing in.

I used two types of stuffing my this pin cushion. I used steel wool (fine) for my top layer and then used a polyester stuffing to bulk it out.


Once stuffed the best way is to sew it closed by hand stitching, using the ladder stitch is your best bet. If you’re like me though, your hand stitching leaves a lot to be desired. I made such a mess (much more practice needed) that I unpicked it all and decided to top stitch. I’m not thrilled as it isn’t the best look, but much better than my “invisible” stitching.

Then you’re done. Again another super easy, super quick project. One day I’ll have enough time to actually work on something bigger, but for now I’ll enjoy my stash busting projects.



It came out really cute, it’s a very large pin cushion and was unsure at first but to be honest I quite like that now. No having to look where I’m stabbing my pins, so no slowing down the machine!
If I could change anything, or if I made it again, I would use a fabric pen for the writing, hand sewing is NOT my thing, I made a bit if a mess of it, if I were to hand sew again I would use embroidery thread for sure.


Please enter your pin, pincushion. Cute and funny!


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