Photo pouch! Christmas gift making has started!

Family photo, fabric zip pouch, great personal gift for anyone :)


I know, it’s soooo early, Halloween hasn’t even been yet, I’ve not made anything halloween-y as we don’t really celebrate it in the UK, my older 3 stay at their dads usually for trick or treating which means I don’t have to do anything – thankfully, I’m not a fan of trick or treating
! So I made a start on Christmas instead, my favourite holiday season!

Up until recently this has been what my dining  sewing table has looked like

Assembly line for my quilt squares!


Alas my sewing is still on hold for my quilt – really feels like I’ll never get it done. I decided to make use of some of the scraps left from the quilt to make a little something for my mum.

Photo fabric pouch

I cut out a bigger picture of me and my 2 sisters and then one of the small ones of my boys and my niece. I sewed them together  and made a black border around both. It was a bit of a pain as maths hurts my brain, even simple maths like that!

I basically made this the same way as I made Jordon’s pencil case. The only difference is I added some 2oz batting to the main panels and I topstitched around each picture to attach it, before putting it all together.

Photo fabric pouch

Choosing lining was hard! In the end I opted for the red chevron to bring a bold pop of colour to the bag and I also used it for the zipper tabs. I then sewed it all up and voila! A lovely little gift for my mum. No idea what she can use it for as it’s rather long and thin but hopefully she will love it, I mean it has us kids on it, what’s not to love 😉



Photo fabric pouch


I’m sewing a lot more than I should be seeing as I am supposed to be studying too, I just know once the fabric comes in for my quilt I won’t be able to work on anything else for a while if I want it done before Christmas.


Do you have anyone you know who would love a pouch like this? I got my fabric printed here in the UK at Woven Monkey which seems quite similar to the US version of Spoonflower. Apart from the slow shipping, which I guess is to be expected with custom prints, I was very pleased with the fabric.

Happy Sewing xx

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