The makings of a 12 year old.

My 12 year old using the sewing machine for the 1st time.

Bit of a different post this week. Since my 12 year old son, Jordon, watched me make his colour me fabric pouch (you can find the post on that here) he has been on at me to let him make something. This week I decided to actually let him. We didn’t do any practicing, mainly as we didn’t really have time, so before this project he had never touched a sewing machine. I had bribed asked my boyfriend to take the 3 little monsters into our tiny front room for an hour or 2 so no little hands could grab at anything and everything! As soon as the safety gate was closed we were off!

I found a lovely little pouch I knew he would be excited to make, he love’s all things “pouchy” you can find the tutorial here. Might even have to make a few myself, it is so quick and another perfect stocking filler!

Jordon also enjoys watching me write my blog and asked if he could post about his making of the pouch. So here it is, the only things I have changed are a few spelling mistakes, enjoy!

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Bag Dispenser Tutorial

Bag dispenser tutorial

I’ve been using a broken plastic bag dispenser for the last year or so. I’ve been meaning to make myself one for a while now but just never got round to it. I’m glad I finally did, no more catching my fingers on that sharp plastic and much more room at the bottom of my cupboard.

Although I made a couple of mistakes – which you won’t make as I’ll tell you what not to do – I decided not to remake it as it’s only for me and it’s going in a cupboard – once I get a hook on the kitchen wall then I’ll make a new – mistake free (OK maybe not a mistake free) one.

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Colour me fabric, fun for me AND the kids.

Colour me fabric


The summer holidays have only just started and already the kids have put “I’m bored, mum what can I do” on repeat. I bought some amazing fabric a while back, for those who follow me on twitter I posted it on there, pre colour! So this one time, I actually had a solution for them (now to find a solution for the next 5,749,001 times), I gave them some fabric pens (left over from when we designed our own T-Shirts at Christmas) and left them to it. 40 minutes later my fabric was ready!

What to do with it? I was originally thinking pencil cases, but I’d recently made a couple of those. A tea towel was another thought, but I wasn’t sure how well the colours would last and I would have liked something that benefited the kids. In the end I settled on a little bag/pouch each, which funnily enough ALL of them have used as a pencil case, kids!

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Free Chapstick holder pattern and tutorial

Chapstick holder free tutorial and pattern

My 12 year old spent the entire day watching me sew and is begging me to let him make him something, I’m very protective of my sewing machine, but his eagerness is making me rethink my original no. Watch this space, I may get my very 1st guest host soon!

Yesterday was a good day. I managed to make my own pattern for a chapstick (lip balm) holder and today I shall share it with you! Another great stash busting project for you!

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Quilted Coaster Tutorial, perfect for beginners.

Quick and easy quilted coaster.

It feels like I’ve not been about for ages. I’ve had the dreaded lurgy this week. I’m back to almost feeling human again though so hoorah!

For Christmas this year I’m hoping to make my Nan a photo memory quilt, I’m really quite excited about it, I’ve not made a quilt before though.
This brings me to my tutorial. I decided to make a simple coaster with batting and quilted it (I think?).
It turned out really well I thought, considering I don’t have a stitch in the ditch foot yet. Only down side to this tutorial is you can see how bad I really am at straight lines.

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Pencil case / Make up bag / whatever you want it to be, tutorial.

Super hero pencil case.

I finally made time to sew, yay!
Today I bring you the super simple, super easy, super pencil case.  Too many supers?

I was sorting out my 12 year old sons bedroom (the joys of motherhood) and he has so many pens it’s ridiculous. I decided he needed a pencil case and I had the perfect fabric for it!

This is so simple I made it up as I went a long, no tutorials which is a first for me. So now, I’m going to share with you. It was so quick and easy I decided I would also make a small make up bag that I’d been promising my little sister for a while using almost the same steps. 1 tutorial, lots of uses!

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New shared Pinterest board…


Hello! Hope everyone has this beautiful sunshine we have down in Essex!

Just a quick one from me! I’ve created a board on Pinterest and I’d love for you to join!

It’s for any FREE sewing patterns and tutorials. So if you have any to share let me know (doesn’t have to be your own) so I can add you! It’s brand new so not many followers as yet (just my own), but I hope together we can make it grow, I mean, who doesn’t love a free pattern every now and then 🙂

If you like my boards I’d  love for you to follow me as well, you can do so here.

Happy Tuesday all, I have a new tutorial coming up in the next day or two so watch out for that,  but for now, I’m all about enjoying the sun.

It’s all about the cake.

Mario Cupcakes

It’s hot! So very hot. I’m not complaining though – honestly. Everything seems better with some sunshine.

I had sports day today, well I say I, 2 of the littlies (new word!) it was an all day affair and I was pretty much a tomato come home time, that’s with factor 50! I’m not very good at applying  the cream it seems.

It is also Christopher’s birthday! I attempted to make him a cake. Unfortunately as always it went wrong 😀

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