Hot or Cold Pack tutorial

Hot or Cold packs tutorial, quick and easy stash buster! Perfect for beginners.


Cold packs, or hand warmers, this next sew is (yes, you guessed it) super easy, super quick and great stash buster!


You will need:

  • Some scrap fabric, my pieces are about 4.5″ x 4.5″ that is 100% cotton*
  • Approx 100g of white rice
  • A funnel
  • Normal sewing necessities

That’s it!

*Disclaimer:  You need 100% cotton if you are using as heat packs, check your fabric in the microwave I take no responsibility for any mishaps. I use polyester thread and have had no issues for the short time I put these in the microwave – again test 1st.





Cut out your 2 squares, or rectangles or any shape/size you want! You’ll probably recognise these fabrics from my cable tidy tutorial, I love it! Not much left now thanks to all my stash busting!

Place them right sides together and sew all the way around using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving an inch or 2 opening.



Clip the corners then turn right side out and press, making the opening line up with the rest of the edge, pressing really does make it easier to hand stitch, I didn’t think with the 1st one so I’ve tried both ways ;). If you want to top stitch to close the opening do so before putting in the rice!  If however you want to hand stitch the opening closed then skip the top stitch step (obviously).

Insert your funnel  and pour in the rice. I used approx 100g, you want it full enough to have a shape but not too full it’s bulging.






Once filled the desired amount hand stitch close using the ladder stitch – quick search on YouTube will show you how if you are unsure.


That is all it takes, quick 10 min project, great for Summer great for Winter!  Yay for versatility 🙂

I put these in the microwave for 25 seconds and that heats them up nicely, I also haven’t put them in over 30 seconds – just a precaution. They come out quite hot so check before you grab!



Top Stitched





With the weather being quite warm at the moment (she says as the rain is pouring down) mine have taken up home in the freezer, if I get sweaty hands these cool them off nicely and has a knock on effect for the rest of me 😀

I prefer the look of the one that has the ladder stitch closing, but top stitching is definitely easier, well it is when you’re as bad as hand stitching as I am….


Hot or cold packs

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