Free Pattern and Tutorial for a Cable Tidy.

cable tidy

Cable tidies! I’ve never really used them before, but the mess under my desk is getting a bit silly now and the twins are forever pulling at them. I mean the tidies won’t stop the twins (nothing does!) but at least it will all push back nicely rather than a huge tangled mess!

These are quick, easy and another great stash buster – can you see a theme on this blog?!

You’ll need:

  • Main fabric
  • Lining fabric (or if you prefer the same fabric for both works of course)
  • Poppers or velcro – I’ll show you how to do both.
  • Medium interfacing.
  • PDF Pattern*
  • Normal sewing supplies.

*Please make sure to click actual size when printing.

Press before you sew! – I must practice what I preach.

Cut out 1 piece from your main fabric, lining fabric and interfacing from the pattern, or just wing it! Mine measure approximately 6 inches by 2.5 inchesĀ and I chose to curve my edges, anything goes though. Iron your interfacing to the wrong side of the lining fabric.

Mark where you want your poppers or velcro to be – my placements are marked on the pattern. Sew/press on,making sure, for poppers especially, you have a little bit of extra interfacing behind to make it a little stronger. Two (or just the one if you prefer) pieces go on the bottom of the main fabric and the contrasting piece on at the top of the lining fabric.

Attach your velcro before sewing the fabric together.

Place the lining and main fabric right sides together and sew around leaving a gap at the bottom to turn right side out. Make sure your gap is big enough to get the velcro through if that’s what you are using, mine was a very tight squeeze.

Leave a gap to turn the right side out.

Leave a gap to turn the right side out. I know – it’s messy, but no one see’s it – except you guys šŸ˜€

Snip your corners and turn right side out.

Press the edges in at the gap and starting from the start of the gap top stitch all the way around.

That’s it, you’re ready to jazz up the tangle of cables under you PC or TV, or where ever really.

Cable tidy pattern and tutorial







I enjoyed making these, simple and useful, my kind of project. Have you made anything to help keep your house that little bit tidier? I’m thinking fabric baskets might be a good idea for a future project….


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