Quick 5 Step guide to making your own fabric bookmark.

Fabric Bookmark, great 1st project for the absolute beginner or child. Stash buster and makes a great stocking filler or gift for any avid reader. What more could you want?

I’ve been working hard on my quilt so my poor little blog has been neglected, to add to it I’ve now started a course with the Open University – even less time for sewing. I will squeeze it in though, I enjoy it too much to take a break completely.

Annoyingly I misjudged how much of the brown fabric in my quilt I would need and I’ve run out. The store has no more and I have to wait 2 weeks for them to order it in *sigh*.

Every cloud though! Unable to work on my quilt I now have a little time for a few mini projects in between studying, starting today with a quick 5 step guide to a fabric bookmark, perfect for the absolute beginner or child wanting to start their very own mini project.

My 3 older boys have a “reading time” every night. 30 minutes before bedtime they have to read, they love it. I decided that instead of folding the page over or using post it notes to mark their pages, I would make them a fabric bookmark. If you’ve never sewn before or looking for a nice easy project for a child this quick 5 step guide is for you!  You could always hand sew if you’ve not got a machine but can’t resist making one. These will be a little stocking filler for my guys, shhhh don’t tell 😀

Stash busting fabric book mark. Quick and easy and a great stocking filler or gift for anyone, kid or adult!

My 12 year old has the Science fabric, my 9 year old has the Marvel and my soon to be 8 year old has silly monsters!

Bookmarks - great stocking filler or gift for any reader

I added a little extra touch with a button (at the top as to not effect the book being able to shut) to 2 of them and some ribbon to the other. Just gives it that something extra.

So to make these you will need:

  • Your fabric, I used the same on both sides but contrasting would work great too.
  • Heavy interfacing (medium would work fine also).
  • Embellishments -optional.
  • Sewing usuals – Thread, rotary cutter/mat (or scissors), Iron for pressing, sewing machine – although a great project to sew by hand also.

I have no pictures I’m afraid but its nice and simple to follow, as always any questions leave me a comment below, I’d be more than happy to help.


Cut 2 pieces of fabric and 1 piece of interfacing to size. Mine vary as I went with the pattern on the farbic but are about 8″ x 1″ as a rough guide – although anything goes, whatever will work best for you. I cut my interfacing approx 1/4″ smaller all the way round to make the seam allowance less bulky – you don’t have to though, also if using sew in interfacing keep it the same size as the fabric.


Iron on your interfacing to the wrong side (the side that you don’t want showing) of one of you pieces of fabric, it doesn’t matter which piece of fabric. If you have a sew on interfacing skip this step. If you are wanting to embroider on your book mark do this now, before sewing your pieces together.


You should have 2 pieces of fabric now, 1 of which has your interfacing on, place your fabric right sides together (the sides you want to show need to be touching so you only see the wrong side), if you have a sew on interfacing place it on top. If adding ribbon like my monster bookmark, fold over the edges of your ribbon and place between the 2 layers of fabric (so the 2 right sides are touching it) it should be hidden inside with just the  cut bottom edges sticking out of the top. Pin or clip in place and sew all the way around using a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving about an inch so you can turn right side out. Don’t forget to back stitch a couple of times at the start and finish so your stitches don’t come undone.

I left my gap at the bottom and pushed it through like a tube, the edges might be easier to turn in and press if you leave your gap at one of the sides.


Turn your bookmark right side out using the gap you left. Press your edges down, folding over the edges at the gap, starting at the beginning of gap top stitch all the way around, again back stitching a couple of times at the start and finish.


Add any embellishments 😀 I used some novelty buttons on mine, I sewed them on by hand towards the top of the bookmark so the book can still close.

That’s it! I hope the lack of pictures doesn’t put you off trying this. If you would like any examples just leave me a comment and I’ll get some pictures taken for you.

Bookmarks - great stocking filler or gift for any reader

So much fun to make! If you found this easy, then you could easily make a kids belt! Another great gift, my belt tutorial shows how, why don’t you take a look 🙂

I would love for you to share this on Pinterest 🙂 I would also love to see your version of this super simple bookmark. Leave me a link in the comments below!

Fabric Bookmark, great 1st project for the absolute beginner or child. Stash buster and makes a great stocking filler or gift for any avid reader. What more could you want?

I linked this tutorial to Made By You Monday link party 🙂

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