Colour me fabric, fun for me AND the kids.

Colour me fabric


The summer holidays have only just started and already the kids have put “I’m bored, mum what can I do” on repeat. I bought some amazing fabric a while back, for those who follow me on twitter I posted it on there, pre colour! So this one time, I actually had a solution for them (now to find a solution for the next 5,749,001 times), I gave them some fabric pens (left over from when we designed our own T-Shirts at Christmas) and left them to it. 40 minutes later my fabric was ready!

What to do with it? I was originally thinking pencil cases, but I’d recently made a couple of those. A tea towel was another thought, but I wasn’t sure how well the colours would last and I would have liked something that benefited the kids. In the end I settled on a little bag/pouch each, which funnily enough ALL of them have used as a pencil case, kids!

colour me fabric



I only had one FQ so I split it into 3, each being 7″ wide, with each strip, I folded it over into the pouch shape and cut on the bottom fold and rounded the edges of what would be the flap. I did the same for the lining, I used a white fleece for this, mainly as it was the only white fabric I had to hand that wasn’t muslin, but it gives the pouches a nice feel I think. to actually make the pouches I used THIS tutorial, I’ve used it a couple of times before and made the funkiest little nappy bag for when we’re out on our walks and I don’t want to bring the whole shebang! 

My kids love their pouches, even if they are using it as a pencil case!

Colour me fabric pouches


My eldest sat with me while I made these, and loved the decorative stitches on my machine and wanted me to add his favourite to his bag. We all know how I don’t need much of an excuse to use a decorative stitch so I obliged, even if it was a little out of place. They all chose their own colour poppers, my 7 year old loves pink which I’m so pleased about, there’s not enough pink in my life with 6 boys running the show. Still a bit odd when he tells Chris off for wearing shorts with flowers on as flowers are “for girls” I won’t even pretend to understand my kids.

Colour me fabric pouches


Colour me fabric pouches

Colour me fabric pouches



Both the kids and I loved making these. It’s the 1st time I’ve involved the kids with what I’m sewing, have you ever done anything to involve the kids in what you are making?


Colour Me Fabric Pouches, fun for you and the kids.


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