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Hey! Long time no see. Happy New Year! I’ve been plodding a long this end, post Christmas blues. All that prep for a day that’s over in a blink of an eye! I’m so festive and joyful over the Christmas period, then very Bah Humbug! as soon as boxing day appears. Anyone else that way or am I on my own there?

Anyway, as you can imagine with 6 kids and Christmas and 3 of the children’s birthdays! Yes that’s right, I managed to have 50% of my children in January, I didn’t plan that one very well did I? Sewing has had to take a bit of a back seat. I’ve snuck (apparently this isn’t a real word, who knew?) a couple of projects in which I shall share with you today, hoorah! I hear you cry.

I’ve had this gorgeous clutch bag I saw over on the  Flamingo Toes blog on my to-do list for months now. Now I don’t go out, like ever, so I have no need for a clutch, my sister however does. So I decided I would make it for her and I loved it. The instructions are so clear, besides a little mishap with ironing the fusible fleece onto the wrong piece I had this bag whipped up in an hour and a half, yes really! It’s that simple. And if I do say so myself, if turned out quite nicely….


Clutch bag


Clutch bag




This will definitely become a favourite quick gift for friends and family!

A while back I joined a Facebook group and its full of lovely people who are so inspiring! I get so many idea’s from there and if I feel like I’m losing my sewing mojo, 5 mins in this group soon brings it back. Not long a go a fair few were raving about a neck pillow and how easy it was to make. It looked cool and perfect for me when I’m reading on the sofa. This pattern  was shared and I finally made it last week. It’s great I loved making it and again it was super quick and this time, believe it or not, not one mistake *feeling smug.*

neck pillow


neck pillow


neck pillow


And that, is all I’ve done, but I’ve had fun and come February I’ll be back on track, I need to start my boyfriends “man quilt”  and a couple of PJ bottoms for the boys as I got some amazing SkyLanders fabric for them!

What about you? What do you have planned?


Hope 2016 is a good year for you guys!


neck pillow and clutch bag

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