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Hey! Long time no see. Happy New Year! I’ve been plodding a long this end, post Christmas blues. All that prep for a day that’s over in a blink of an eye! I’m so festive and joyful over the Christmas period, then very Bah Humbug! as soon as boxing day appears. Anyone else that way or am I on my own there?

Anyway, as you can imagine with 6 kids and Christmas and 3 of the children’s birthdays! Yes that’s right, I managed to have 50% of my children in January, I didn’t plan that one very well did I? Sewing has had to take a bit of a back seat. I’ve snuck (apparently this isn’t a real word, who knew?) a couple of projects in which I shall share with you today, hoorah! I hear you cry.

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Photo pouch! Christmas gift making has started!

Family photo, fabric zip pouch, great personal gift for anyone :)


I know, it’s soooo early, Halloween hasn’t even been yet, I’ve not made anything halloween-y as we don’t really celebrate it in the UK, my older 3 stay at their dads usually for trick or treating which means I don’t have to do anything – thankfully, I’m not a fan of trick or treating
! So I made a start on Christmas instead, my favourite holiday season!

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Madagascar comes to a t-shirt near you!

Latest make @GiraffesCanSew Madagascar knit, long sleeved tops


I’ve had this amazing Madagascar knit since my birthday in September.  I finally made the twins a top from it, I made them with long sleeves AND cuffs both are firsts for me, I’ve only made 2 t-shirts before these 2 and both had fit issues. Everything is going to have cuffs from now on, SO much easier than hemming, hemming is my nemesis, I despise it!! I might even introduce it to the bottom hem too – although too much ribbing maybe? Anyway….

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Microwave bowl holder.

Microwave bowl, quick, easy and a great Christmas or housewarming gift.

Just a quick-y from me today! Hope you are all well!

Pinterest is a great friend of mine, I find hours of my evening often go missing to it. So many great ideas and so little time, I doubt I’ll even attempt 95% of the things on my Pinterest, but it’s there if I want it!

I’ve been wanting to make a microwave bowl holder for a while and when I found this tutorial from 2 little hooligans site I thought it was the perfect time to make one and I had just the fabric I wanted to use.

In all it took me about 35 minutes to make, in future, to make my X on the fabric, I think I will iron in the line so it’s more central. Mine was slightly off, it’s not very noticeable but it I was to give them as a gift I would like to make everything just so.

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Quick 5 Step guide to making your own fabric bookmark.

Fabric Bookmark, great 1st project for the absolute beginner or child. Stash buster and makes a great stocking filler or gift for any avid reader. What more could you want?

I’ve been working hard on my quilt so my poor little blog has been neglected, to add to it I’ve now started a course with the Open University – even less time for sewing. I will squeeze it in though, I enjoy it too much to take a break completely.

Annoyingly I misjudged how much of the brown fabric in my quilt I would need and I’ve run out. The store has no more and I have to wait 2 weeks for them to order it in *sigh*.

Every cloud though! Unable to work on my quilt I now have a little time for a few mini projects in between studying, starting today with a quick 5 step guide to a fabric bookmark, perfect for the absolute beginner or child wanting to start their very own mini project.

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What a belter!

Kids belt tutorial, quick, easy and a great stash buster!

Not even sorry for my cheesy title!

I wasn’t going to do this post this week but a couple of lovely ladies asked about how to make these cute belts that I thought I’d change my schedule, as the boss I can do that ya’know 😉

We’re back to stash busting this week, yay! This is another great stocking filler, or any type of gift for a little (or big) boy or girl.

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PJ bottoms, make your own pattern.

PJ shorts tutorial showing how to make a pattern with existing pj bottoms


Over the next few weeks I might not post every Friday as I usually do, I’m in the process of attempting my first ever quilt as a present for my Nan and Grandad for Christmas, wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

I still hope to make a few side projects I’ve had planned to share with you guys though, including this! easy PJ shorts with plain pre bought top and a little applique to make it a little more personal.

Less of a stash buster this time! But if you’re making for smallies it still can be! I used under a metre of fabric for these two pairs of shorts!  No pattern needed! Just use a pair of shorts/PJ bottoms/ trousers that already fit and you’re good to go!

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Hot or Cold Pack tutorial

Hot or Cold packs tutorial, quick and easy stash buster! Perfect for beginners.


Cold packs, or hand warmers, this next sew is (yes, you guessed it) super easy, super quick and great stash buster!


You will need:

  • Some scrap fabric, my pieces are about 4.5″ x 4.5″ that is 100% cotton*
  • Approx 100g of white rice
  • A funnel
  • Normal sewing necessities

That’s it!

*Disclaimer:  You need 100% cotton if you are using as heat packs, check your fabric in the microwave I take no responsibility for any mishaps. I use polyester thread and have had no issues for the short time I put these in the microwave – again test 1st.

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Free Pattern and Tutorial for a Cable Tidy.

cable tidy

Cable tidies! I’ve never really used them before, but the mess under my desk is getting a bit silly now and the twins are forever pulling at them. I mean the tidies won’t stop the twins (nothing does!) but at least it will all push back nicely rather than a huge tangled mess!

These are quick, easy and another great stash buster – can you see a theme on this blog?!

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